In conjunction with our Forensic Services we offer data and Image retrieval services.

About Remote Backup

TFC.NET Remote Backup Services will provide you with a system to back up and store information. Our Backup Service will allow you to be at your ease, since you no longer have to worry about losing important data. Most businesses rely on the information stored on specific electronic media. If the media on which your sensitive and confidential data is stored is corrupted or broken and information is lost as a result, this can cause a significant loss for your business. This is why Remote Backup Services are so important. We provide a tight system where confidential data is extremely secured from unauthorized users and that will allow your data to be stored in different locations from the original data.

TFC.NET Remote Back Services will ensure your data will still be available, even if you lost all the information in your storage devices. Managing backups from internal locations can be dangerous since it is very likely that this information will be lost too. Remote backups are way more efficient and reliable. If you have sensitive data in insecure media, it is time you got started with our Remote Backup Services plans in order to ensure data availability. In order to prevent data loss, backups are a must. These backups must be performed on a regular basis. We provide the best Remote Backups plans for you to forget about these problems and relax.

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Open File Backup

Our Remote Backup Service includes Open File Backup solutions, which provide protection to open files. This means that all your application files that are being in used during the time of the backup process are also protected, avoiding the loss of vital data files. This service works by means of synchronizing the data when it is stable across the entire file system. Backups no longer have to be performed during off-hours, that is to say, during the time the network is inactive. With our Open File Backup Service, backups can be handled at all times, securing all the open files being in used during the process.

Multi-platform Backup

Our Services allow the backup of multiple platforms–Windows, Linux, Apple, Unix, Solaris–, guaranteeing Remote Backups to all our clients.

Off-site Data Storage

Handling backups from internal location may be not reliable. TFC.NET offers the possibility of storing your data offsite, guaranteeing the safety of your sensitive information.

Fast Implementation

At the moment you start working with us, your data is already secure! We offer fast implementation of our services for you not to worry about losing more data.

Online Access to files

Our Remote Backup Services allow our clients to access their files from any location in very a secure way.

Binary Compression

This method will allow the transfer of binary data that has been changed instead of transferring the entire file.

Multi-site Backups

Our Remote Backup Service offers backups to the main site data and to remote branch offices.


With our Remote Backup Service you no longer have to worry about performing backups, as this is our job and users’ intervention is not required. Handling backups can be quite annoying for users as they need to perform time-wasting manual steps. Apart from this, backups are stored off-site, that is to say, in a different location from the original to ensure security.

We also offer continuous backups. As your files are changed, they are permanently being backed up so you do not have to worry about losing anything. Our service will also protect all open files during backup performance.

One of the most important advantages of our Remote Backup Service is its price. We offer files security at a really affordable cost.

Online Backup Services Pricing




500 MB



1 GB



2 GB



5 GB



10 GB



25 GB



50 GB



100 GB



Additional Pricing

250 MB Additional



Personal Recovery CD

$24.95 per CD

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